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Girls, Gears and Beers was founded in 2018 by Tina Meinhardt, a physical therapist and mountain bike coach from Ohio, who started the club after moving to Denver in hopes of meeting other women who share her same passion for mountain biking. The club was created for women to have an avenue of meeting other women to ride with, to build friendships and improve their skills and confidence in a safe and fun environment.​

Girls, Gears and Beers strives to create an inclusive cycling community for all races and ethnicities. We use the term “Girls” loosely, welcoming anyone who identifies as female (cis or transgender) and nonbinary and genderqueer folks who identify with the women’s community.

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Group Fitness Classes start in January!

Registration for small group fitness classes at Rowdy Ryder Academy are coming soon!

Classes will begin on January 8th! 

Join us to improve your strength and power to be a stronger rider come spring!


Sign Up Now to Join the Best Mountain Bike Club in Colorado!

We offer group rides, clinics, and social events to help cultivate a strong and welcoming community. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, we’re here for you every step of the way. Come join us and see what the mountain biking life is all about.

A yearly price of $120 (only $10/month!) will get you:  

  • Group Rides

  • Discounts on sponsor products

  • Bike shop service and maintenance clinics

  • Discounts on MTB coaching and clinics

  • Trestle Bike Park discounts

  • Discounts on club apparel, merchandise,  events and trips, and more!


Check out the Sponsors tab for our list of sponsors!


Not Ready to join officially?

To encourage new riders of all ride levels to join our group, we offer a once a month open social ride that is open to both members and non-members (typically held on the last Thursday of the month.) Our rides are designed to be fun and welcoming, as well as informative and challenging. Come join us and meet some awesome women while having a great time!



  • December Maintenance Clinic at Rhythm Cycles
    December Maintenance Clinic at Rhythm Cycles
    Wed, Dec 06
    Wheat Ridge
    Dec 06, 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM
    Wheat Ridge, 6409 W 44th Ave, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033, USA
    They’re back for Winter! Monthly maintenance clinic at Rhythm Cycles
  • GGB Holiday Party at Skate City Arvada
    GGB Holiday Party at Skate City Arvada
    Thu, Dec 14
    Dec 14, 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM
    Arvada, 5353 W 64th Ave, Arvada, CO 80003, USA
    Come dressed in your best UGLY XMAS SWEATER attire!

Member Only Events

Paid members of GGB receive access to additional rides and events. Paid members can click the button below to RSVP for these events. Curious about our Member Only events, Click Here to view our past events.

    You have some fitness, but still get winded quickly when climbing (500-1,000 ft) Stops at all intersections to rest and wait for others to catch up Likes to get out and ride, but also likes to socialize, and session some trail features Can be out on the bike for 2 hours or less
    You’re just here to get a ride in and maybe beat some Strava PRs You are pretty fit and don’t require a lot of rest breaks Depending on the group, they may not stop at intersections nor wait for riders that may fall behind (This is the ONLY group that may “drop” riders who can’t keep up with the pace) Only join this group if you’re feeling energetic and want to be pushed!
    You are out here to have a good time and don’t care to go fast (uphill or downhill) Might not have good fitness yet, and are unsure if you can ride >500 ft in elevation Likes to stop often to rest and chat, take pictures Most interested in the social aspect of the ride, not the actual riding Plans to be on the bike for under an hour
    You prefer to be riding more than resting or socializing Stops at all intersections on the trail to regroup Can climb and descend at speed, as long as occasional rest breaks occur Can be out on the bike for over 2 hours and climb more than 1,000 ft
    You ride bikes for a living and make a bit of money doing it! Lucky you! Most likely you don’t have time to ride with social clubs like ours, but if you do, that’s pretty sweet! Welcome! Skills required: You can do anything on a bike!
    You’ve got the basic fundamentals and have good body awareness while on a bike. You enjoy riding a couple times a week when the weather is good. You have enough skills to be able to teach a new rider some basic fundamentals of mountain biking. You enjoy going fast and are not afraid to try some more difficult obstacles.  Skills required: Level 1, 2 and 3 skills Can shift gears smoothly and efficiently and anticipate when to shift Navigates switchbacks and small uphill obstacles, though at times may have difficulty Confident with descending rocky and steep terrain of moderate challenge Uses the dropper post efficiently and frequently Rides blue trails with confidence, though on occasion may need to walk your bike Likes to “session” obstacles during some of your rides, to progress your skills with others of similar riding ability
    You have been riding for a long time and have spent many years advancing your skills, technique and confidence on the bike. You’ve been to more than a few clinics and lessons in your past, to get where you are today. Your friends are all advanced + riders and you travel the state and country to seek out more exhilarating trails and mountain bike trips. You might be sponsored by a few bike brands or clothing companies, and have a strong presence on social media. You are RAD! Skills required: Level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 skills Confident in riding all levels of trails, including double black diamond, and maybe even dabbled in some “Pro lines” at Whistler or other well-known mountain bike parks across the world.  Climbs steep, punchy, technical trails with ease Descends the gnarliest, chunkiest terrain like an antelope Can clear most table top jumps (6+ feet) and large drops (4+ feet) Has a whole bag of trick skills and is always working on more!
    You’ve been riding a mountain bike for a little while now, but still aren’t sure you have the fundamentals, though you’re having a great time!   Skills required: Level 1 and 2 skills Comfortable using BOTH brakes and only using 1 finger (INDEX finger) Able to ride some obstacles, such as up and over small rocks and roots (both uphill and downhill) Prefers to ride smooth green trails, but would consider trying a blue trail Enjoys the exercise, but does like to stop frequently for rest breaks and photo ops
    You’re a shredder! You live and breathe mountain biking, and it is all that you think about.  You get pretty sad when you can’t bike for a week and spend your evenings watching Nate Hill videos. You’ve probably been riding for a few years and have made lots of riding friends along the way.  Skills required: Level 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 skills Has great bike handling skills Prefers to push yourself on most rides, including the pace, with few rest breaks Has some trick skills nailed- track stand, pedaling wheel lift, maybe a wheelie, or manual? You are constantly practicing new tricks in the parking lot before and after group rides Comfortable getting the wheels off the ground on some natural trail features and drops, maybe 1-2 feet  Able to climb up and over steeper obstacles (up to 12 inches), including features with more than 1 obstacle in succession Prefers to only ride black trails which you consider “Fun,” yet can be challenged by steeper and chunkier terrain on both the uphill and downhill
    You have had a mountain bike for a few weeks or months (or even years), but have only been riding on dirt trails a few times, and are still unsure what the heck you’re doing, or how you even “work” the bike. Skills required: Level 1 skills Can stand up while coasting or riding downhill (with level pedals) Comfortable using both brakes and shifting gears Confident in riding smooth trails with some turns, but very few rocks or roots
    It’s your first time ever riding a mountain bike and you have only ridden on dirt a few times. Skills required: Can pedal in a straight line without falling over
    You’ve become a bit obsessed with mountain biking and are wanting to really start pushing your skills. You may be starting to gain confidence to use your bike’s suspension by getting some air! You have been to a mountain bike clinic or received coaching lessons in an attempt to continue to advance your skills. You use Strava to track your rides and try to gain new PRs in segments you’ve ridden before.  Skills required: Level 1, 2, 3, and 4 skills Can come to a sudden controlled stop while descending at speed. Enjoys riding fast without the need for frequent rest breaks. Performs a front wheel lift to get up an obstacle (up to 6 inches.) Uses feet to compress suspension to jump off small features on trail (up to 6 inches) Navigates switchbacks and corners efficiently, without the need to slow down significantly or put a foot down in every turn.  Rides blue trails with ease and confidence, and not afraid to ride some black trails and attempt features that may be more intimidating.
  • Where does the membership fee proceeds go?
    Funds go towards managing the club, putting on rides, events and trips, gaining and corresponding with sponsors, paying for website fees, liability insurance, permits and other fees associated with running a mountain bike club and coaching business.
  • Are men allowed to join the club?
    No, we only allow people who identify as female and nonbinary and genderqueer folks who identify with the women’s community. Men are allowed to join coaching clinics, unless otherwise specified. On rare occasions, the club holds events and rides open to all genders.
  • What does the paid membership include?
    Access to all of our weekly social rides, events and club trips, discount codes from our sponsors, discounts on club apparel, discounts on private coaching lessons and skills clinics, and access to the paid members only Facebook group.
  • Who are the club sponsors and what kind of discounts do they provide?
    Please see the “Sponsors” tab on our website for a list of current sponsors. To see the discounts, you must be logged in as a paid member in order to see the % of discounts and the code required to make purchases.
  • Are all levels welcome?
    Even if it is your first time ever riding a mountain bike and you have only ridden on dirt a few times, all are welcome from beginner to pro. Visit our RIDE LEVELS page for more information by clicking the button below.
  • Does the club need more sponsors?
    We love to connect with local and worldwide brands in the mountain bike community, and especially companies that are women-led. Our sponsors typically provide discounts to our paid members of the club.
  • How do I find out more info about the club, other than what is listed on the website?
    Click below to join our private Facebook group.
  • Is the club only for mountain bikers?
    No, though the majority of our social rides are specifically held on mountain bike trails. We do have many members who also like to road and gravel ride.
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