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Mountain Bike Coaching

Develop Skills and Confidence on the Trails

Our founder, Tina Meinhardt, has been riding for over 20 years and holds the BICP Level 2 and PMBIA Level 1 Mountain Bike Coach Certifications. She enjoys teaching and motivating riders to improve their skills and confidence, making riding more enjoyable and safe. As a physical therapist , she is able to use her knowledge in biomechanics and kinesiology to help assess and correct positioning on the bike.


She is available by appointment for private lessons, for any skills or areas of mountain biking you may need to improve. She also holds multiple small group clinics throughout the week and weekends. Please see the Booking Calendar for dates and times. 

Most lessons are held at the Rowdy Ryder Ranch, Tina's 2 acre property in West Arvada.  There is a turf field for skill work, and trails on site to apply the lessons learned in real time.  Occasionally, clinics will be held at trail systems in the surrounding Golden area. 

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Private Lessons

Do you learn best one-on-one? Private lessons are great to give you full individualized attention during your 2 hour lesson. Direct feedback and video review of you performing skills can dramatically improve the rate at which you process information learned throughout the lesson, and increase your chance of success on the bike.

$100/hour, 2 hour minimum

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Buy multiple lessons and SAVE $$!

  • 3 coaching lessons

    Learn new skills!
    Valid for 3 months
    • Private Coaching Lesson
  • 5 coaching lessons

    Learn and hone new skills!
    Valid for 3 months
    • Private Coaching Lesson
  • 10 coaching lessons

    Learn new skills and then master them!
    Valid for 6 months
    • Private Coaching Lesson

Small Group Clinics

Do you learn better in groups? Then small group clinics are for you! Small group clinics are offered to those who may want instruction in a more affordable environment, along with your closest riding buddies.


Class size is limited to 6 riders in a 3 hour format, at $105 per person.

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Client  Testimonials

“I left the session feeling energized, excited, and more confident than when I started!  I appreciated learning more about my positioning on the bike and getting a basic understanding of what I need to improve upon.”  


“I can’t wait for more classes!  I just I wished I would’ve started taking classes earlier this summer.”


“Tina was amazing with her instruction!  Patient and great direction.  Really enjoyed the clinic and will join again!

Sign up!  You won’t be disappointed!” 


“...getting to practice a skill over and over again while Tina took videos and showed me, frame-by-frame, exactly what to work on. It was so nice to be able to focus on one small skill and then build up to working on a larger skill that incorporated all the small ones we worked on earlier in the lesson.” 


“I thought the group coaching was great, I really enjoyed meeting the other ladies and ultimately getting out on the trails and putting into practice what I learned will set me up to be a better mountain biker. I've already put into practice just the basic form you taught us and looking 2 steps ahead going around a corner and I noticed a difference in my riding right away. Thank you!!”


"The drills were helpful, particularly having (her) there watching us and telling us individually what we needed to work on. The repetition of doing the drills helped as well and I did feel like it translated to the mountain when we practiced. I also really liked having (her) watch us on the mountain and give instant feedback such as "look up" or "look through the corner" or just words of encouragement was really helpful."


“I really appreciate (Tina's) calmness when teaching. It helps me leave my ego out of the process and focus more on the skills. I also think (her) superpower is  analyzing biomechanics for improvement. Probably because of (her) PT background. Thanks for a great class!


“Skill breakdown and repetition - so helpful! I’m excited to do more advanced clinics, too!”


“I really appreciated (Tina’s) calm, positive energy! I left feeling psyched to practice what I learned :)” 


“I wish I had taken this class 5 years ago when I started! Very next ride out I felt like a new rider!”  


“Tina did a great job breaking down the fundamentals of riding and implementing drills to help build on our skills. I enjoyed learning a new skill as well and now I have new things to focus on when riding.”


“The group skills clinic was so much fun and very informative. The instant feedback from Tina was very helpful and encouraging. I already feel more confident on my bike and can’t wait to use those skills on the trail.”


"Tina was amazing--I'm impressed with how much I learned in such a short period of time. I also appreciated how she managed to give EVERYONE immediate feedback and each one was so valuable."


“(Tina is) patient, fun as hell, and super knowledgeable. LOVED the lesson and ready to do another asap! (She had) great communication leading up to the lesson, quick responses, onsite was smooth and easy to access, and she tailored the experience as needed. GREAT execution.”


“The video + feedback component was incredibly helpful! I also liked the videos that you sent as a preview before the skills day. Thanks for a great clinic - I’m so glad I did it and I know my riding skills improved!”


“The warm, supportive atmosphere of the beginner clinic was exactly what I needed. Tina's feedback and the videos she took during the skills sessions helped me zero in what I've been doing wrong. I'm excited to apply what I've learned on the trail and to continue learning with more clinics!”


“It's the 2nd cornering/switchback clinic I've attended and I learned way more in your clinic! Drills/instructions/demonstrations provided in best order. Coaching style relaxing and nurtured confidence.” 


‘Tina took the time to focus on foundational elements and encouraged me to take on appropriate-level challenges that I wouldn’t have previously considered possible.”  


“Just having someone with experience willing to answer my questions, watch me try something, and give immediate feedback! Also, seeing video of myself on the bike gave me a better understanding of what I feel like I’m doing vs what I’m actually doing.” 


“The group skills clinic was so much fun and very informative. The instant feedback from Tina was very helpful and encouraging. I already feel more confident on my bike and can’t wait to use those skills on the trail.”


“Everything was helpful!! I loved Tina’s tailored approach and patience with me as I am a very new rider. I gained so much confidence and am excited to continue to learn and ride! I cannot thank Tina enough for the last three weeks (Intro to MTB clinic)!! I have learned so much, met great people and know I have a supportive group of women riders to count on!! I look forward to taking additional clinics to keep fine tuning my skills. I have really looked forward to these clinics the last few weeks.” 


“Tina was incredibly helpful with our intermediate group! I got to work with her at a Vida clinic once before so I was looking forward to our lesson and it did not disappoint. We got to focus on skills that will help us get up and over technical obstacles as well as worked on cornering! Great coaching style all around. Tina is a great coach, she adapts based on your skill level as the lesson progresses. I would absolutely take a lesson again!”


“I like the progressions, starting simple and adding complexity.  I also liked that Tina took videos so we could see how we were actually executing.” 


“Tina is a great coach with strong technical and techniques knowledge and uses a simple structured approach which makes it easy to advance my skills and gain confidence.”


“The break down of each fundamental was great for a newbie like like myself. “ 


“I completely underestimated the importance of basic techniques and how it can help my riding. Tina was great at providing the basics and then building on it and, because of her help, I was able to tackle a technical climb feature that I would normally just walk. I feel like I left the lesson with some great tips, plus more confidence, that I know will make me a better rider.” 


“I really liked how the lessons built on themselves - talking about a topic, practicing next to the bike, practicing in the grass and finally applying the skills practiced on the trail was a great way to reinforce everything we learned”


"I learned so much in the coaching session! Tina is great at coaching, teaching the skills, giving us background as to why a certain body position is better, safer. I learned that little body adjustments can make a big difference in how the bike handles. I really enjoyed getting out on the trail after going over skills on grass (for a softer wipe out). Having a small group of supportive women with me and encouraging me definitely helped me feel comfortable and eager to push myself."


“This was a clinic that I have been wanting to take for a long time and loved everything about it.  I was quickly able to implement techniques that I have been unsuccessful with on my own for a very long time.”


“I felt the instant feedback during skills practice was extremely helpful. It was helpful to see your form on video and get instant technique help from Tina. Tina is a fantastic coach. She is highly skilled, her demeanor is approachable and she made the clinic fun! Looking forward to the next one!” 



Please fill out the coaching interest form, or email Tina with any questions you may have.

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